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Our "Not so Random"


Studies have shown that journaling can often reduce stress, improve immunity, increase memory, lead to better sleeping habits, boost one's mood, as well as, increase self-confidence, overall self-concept and one's outlook on life, love and their pursuit of happiness. All of which can  ultimately contribute to a higher quality of life for those that are consistent in their journaling efforts.

For those on a personal journey of self- love and self-discovery, Random.. But Not journals are a place for all of your most intimate thoughts. A place to escape. A place to reflect. A place to aspire. A place to forgive. A place to rebuild. A place to love yourself.

How to Use RBN Journals


There are two ways to use this journal:

General use:

Jot down the most random of notes on any given day, at any given time.

Introspective Journaling:

(1) Dump it from your mind into the journal no matter how random. 

(2) Pick a topic you'd like to tap into for better understanding or clarity.

(3) Write down your feelings and any revelations, as you process the many facets of that topic. How are you directly or indirectly impacted,  how might others be impacted and what you would like to see come from your newfound perspective on the topic.

(4) Use what you've learned during this self-discovery process as a tool for future reflection and growth.

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