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Our "Not so Random"



Randomly speaking, being able to take the smallest moments and glean any sort of joy or insight, actually makes for a "not so random" moment.

Random.. but Not offers helpful information and practical skill tools to those seeking to become better at communicating in all areas of their life.  


Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why healthy communication is important in our day-to-day

    • How to successfully communicate in both personal and professional areas

  • What does healthy communication look like

    • Active listening​

    • Recognizing non-verbal cues

  • How to navigate difficult conversations

    • Understanding how and why delivery matters

    • Helping others understand what you are "authentically" trying to say

    • Better understanding what others are trying to communicate to you

  • Understanding that through self-introspection individuals can develop the emotional intelligence necessary to recognize the many moving parts of communication and thereby choosing to be more thoughtful in how you engage with others.


Each RBN product offers that special something which may "unsuspectingly" appear as though it were random, but instead, it provides a thought-provoking element that could actually contribute to your personal goals of becoming the best version of yourself.

Stick around for a while. See something that you like, something that brings you joy, something that provides a bit of perspective, let me know!

C. E. Daniel

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