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Empowering Family Connections

CED Inspired Presents:Creating Bonds through Family Journaling Activities

CED Inspired Consulting

Presented by Courtney Daniel,
Founder & CEO at CED Inspired.

A passionate advocate for family bonding and child development. With years of experience in education and family engagement, I understand the importance of building lasting connections within families.



Click the image to get your copy of the Shared Reflections Family Activity Journal TODAY.

Family Journal CVR 4-8 yrs (11 × 8_edited.jpg

Multi-family Member / Group Discount Package 1: Single Journal Price: $19.99 per journal ($16.99 with limited-time special code 100BMA) Package 2: Two Journals for Siblings Price: $17.99 per journal Package 3: Family Pack (Up to 6 Journals) Price: $15.99 per journal Package 4: Group Bundle (7 or More Journals) Price: $13.99 per journal

Session Topics to be Discussed 

Session Feedback Form

Which age ranges do your children fall into? (Check all that apply)
Did you find the information shared on the benefits of family journaling activities valuable?
How engaging and relevant were the presentations and discussions for middle and high school boys?
Were the instructions for the journaling activity clear and easy to follow?
How likely are you to recommend similar events to friends or other parents?
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How engaging and relevant were the presentations and discussions for the youth in attendance at today's event?
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Did this session meet your expectations?
What did you learn or take away from this event that you will apply in your family life?
How likely are you to consider journaling as an activity for your family?
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How would you rate the overall experience of the event?
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